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Simplify healthcare access for your business, like pharmacies, with Avee's user-friendly appointment panel, seamlessly connecting your customers to our doctors with same-day appointments.

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Don't Let Your Customers Churn Over Unmet Healthcare Needs!

Stop losing valuable customers due to unaddressed health concerns. With Avee, you'll have a powerful tool to ensure your customers receive immediate medical attention, keeping them satisfied, engaged, and loyal to your business.


A Healthcare Hub

Local pharmacies serve as essential healthcare hubs in the community. Avee collaborates with pharmacies, offering immediate access to medical consultations, elevating the pharmacy's role in healthcare delivery.

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Expanding Care Capacity

For clinics facing capacity constraints, Avee offers additional medical support through telemedicine, ensuring timely and efficient patient care.

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Telehealth Opportunities

Avee empowers businesses and startups interested in offering healthcare services to their clients. Explore how we can help you provide essential healthcare solutions to your customers.

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A Comprehensive Healthcare Solution for All Your Business Needs!

Immediate Care Access
We provide businesses the capability to offer same-day appointments, ensuring your customers have immediate access to vital medical services.
Top-Quality Healthcare
Our commitment is to deliver top-tier healthcare services for your business and your customers. We connect you with experienced and compassionate medical professionals, ensuring the highest quality of care
Seamless Integration
We offer a seamless integration process, making it easy for Avee to become a part of your business.
Strengthen Your Business
Avee empowers you to maintain your brand's identity throughout all interactions. We help you provide a comprehensive service, allowing your business to flourish and shine.

Real Stories form Real Customers

I am very thankful to the Avee IT and healthcare team for providing such an easy access to the patient care through Avee booking portal. It is very easy for me to book a patient with the team of doctors on the panel.  I feel very comfortable to approach the team of physicians because they understand the value of teamwork in healthcare sector.I want to say that it is best presentation of team work in the Healthcare sector in such a hard time where patients are frustrated due to non availability of physicians. At Avee we can book physician visit in 2 minutes. I am also thankfull to Mr Ali and team for producing this wonderfull platform for telehealth. Once again thanks to the Avee team!
Manager Prosper pharmacy24
Excellent service, provides quick access to the patients in need to see a physician and helps offload some of the burden from the urgent care and emergency department. The staff are collegial and informative. Overall it has been a wonderful experience.
Family Physician
Always excellent service and information at this pharmacy.  Today the Pharmacist Jen provided even further help when she referred me to a phone Doctor service and made the appointment for me.  I had very good care from the Doctor and received further information about my condition and medications to relieve my symptoms.  Very thankful for the assistance of both the Pharmacist and the Doctor.

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Be a part of Avee's revolutionary journey in TeleHealth. We're inviting passionate doctors to join our physician network. Everyone deserves excellent care, no matter where they are. Join us to help them.

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